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Have you ever felt like you’re watching a bad TV show and you can’t seem to change the channel? Not sure what’s going to happen next? Pretty sure whatever happens next isn’t gonna be great? Do you have the feeling that you have no control over your life and circumstances?

Ned Noon was just like you a little more than 10 years ago. Tired of feeling out of control over his life and circumstances he decided to become the director of his own show. Starting with self educating through audio books to improve his reading skills he returned to college to earn two degrees with honors. Ned quit smoking cigarettes and began running, he has completed may races including the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. Ned has also stepped into the lifetime journey on the path of spirituality.

Ned Noon created Noontime in 2018 to bring hope and inspiration to others after losing nine of his friends and family to suicide and drug overdoses. Now NoonTime TV has evolved into an energetic live broadcast on Facebook where he interacts with the audience to bring hope, inspiration, and to teach people how to become the directors of their own lives and their own show.

NoonTime TV is constantly expanding its presence on Social Media and YouTube as well as breaking ground in traditional media as well, including a new book coming in 2021. Connect with NoonTime TV on your favorite social media sites or by clicking  the link below so that you can join the live audience. Ned looks forward to connecting with you soon.

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