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Be The Director of Your Show

I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity to develop my skill as a Motivational Speaker through #Facebook live and the creation of #Noontime and now #Noontimetv. The best part of this experience has been the audience. Seeing you on the live broadcast and calling out your name is one of the most exciting and fun things I do. Hearing from all those who watch the show on the playback or on #IGTV or #YouTube knowing that I made difference in your life is the fuel that keeps me going. I am looking forward to connecting with all of you in so many new ways in 2021.

This year has been tough on all of us, it can feel like at times that we are watching a bad tv show and lost the remote. For some of us it can feel like we have lost control over our lives and our ability to anything about it.

In 2021 I’m going to help you change all of that with some new projects to help you become the director of your own life. People learn in many different ways and no one form of communication works for everyone. In 2021, I will be expanding Noontimetv into several different platforms. I will still be creating noontime videos on Facebook on Mondays and Saturdays and coming in late January I will be launching a new podcast with my friend Dust Ely,(an expert with more than 20 years in personal development and leadership training). The #podcast will give you one of the most essential tools for dircting your life, audiobooks from #Audible. Dusty and I will be reviewing and giving our recommendation on the latest and greatest audiobooks for personal development, #leadership, and #spirituality and more.

During the week I will be working on a new book coming this time next year that will show you life on the road in an 18 wheeler and how I became the director of my own life. This book is the instruction manual for taking control of your life. I share my story of being broke and broken, smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and struggling to read, to earning 2 degrees with honors, quitting smoking, running a half-marathon and improving my relationships and finances as well as becoming a motivational speaker, all while driving semi-trucks 50 hours a week. All of these things were easier than I thought they would be because I didn’t do them all in one day or week. This book is the biggest and best project I’ve ever worked on, it gives practical tools for you to use to create anything you want in your life. No magic wishes or crystal wands to change your life with but real actual tried and true tools backed by decades of research testing. More research and testing went into the creation of theses tools than into the #COVID-19 vaccine, lol, (seriously thought, get the vaccine). These tools will show you how to use free tools like YouTube and podcasts to gain background knowledge in topics of your choice and in-expensive tools like Audible to gain in-depth knowledge of any subject before gaining the experience necessary to achieve the goals you have in mind. You will learn practical ways to make small changes in your daily habits that will effect the short and long term outcome of your health, mentally, physically, spirituality, and of course in your relationships and finances. Hard to imagine that all of that could come from a book but it has been my life’s work and I’m finally getting it organized in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand and apply to your life.

2021 will be the year where we all learn how to do new thing. We will find and establish new norms and new tradition. We will learn to create, adapt and thrive. We will learn to be the directors of our lives and create a show worth living. The question is do you wanna sit back and watch other people direct their lives and the world we live in or do you want to take a lead role and be the director of your own life?

Follow, watch, and subscribe and I will help you become the director of your life.

Stay tuned my friends, and thank you for all of your likes, comments, and shares they mean the world to me. Until next time peace.

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